WASD -  Movement

Left Mouse - Shoot/Charge

Right Mouse - Dash

Space - Time stop (Automatically stops time before getting hit)

Become a reality manipulating gunslinger wielding the universes most powerful gun in this arcade top-down shooter. The universe is crawling with creeps hungry for the power you wield. How long will you survive in this fast-paced top-down arena shooter where your only friend is your gun?


- 1  New enemies (Gunslinger)

- New Chest Mechanic (Stay near chests for 5 seconds to open)

- New Pill Mechanics (Temporary Power-ups) 

- NEW CHEAT MODE (Unlimited Time-stop and Pills)

Cheat Instructions:

Press [1] - Yellow pill

Press [2] - Blue pill

Press [3] -  Red pill

- More  SFX and Map changes


- I don't own any of the music used in the game. My sound effects come from a program called sfxr except for the time stop sound effect.


You're Mine - Carpenter Brut

Aimless Void Awaits - Enter the Gungeon

Time Stop - Jojo's  Bizarre Adventures Za Wardo


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Great Game! I Like The Style Of It!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!